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  • piriformis

    7 Piriformis Stretches to Help Sciatica Pain [+ Other Tips]

    It is pretty amazing how much trouble inflammation, tightness or weakness of a small triangular muscle buried deep in your rear-end can cause. But, I guess that’s why we call the things that aggravate us the most a “pain in the butt!” When your piriformis muscle is cranky, your whole body can suffer. The piriformis […] More

  • ironman inversion tables review

    Ironman Inversion Table Reviews [2021 Updated]

    If you’ve been doing your research on inversion tables, you’ve probably come across the Ironman brand. Ironman inversion tables come in a wide variety of models and price ranges – but are they worth buying? I’m here to go through some Ironman inversion table reviews to see who they’re a good fit for, and if […] More

  • true back review featured image

    True Back Review [Does it Work?] 2021 Update

    If you’re an adult, chances are you fall into one of three categories when it comes to waves of back pain. Maybe you have tried numerous remedies for back-pain and are currently drowning in a sea of self-massage tools, traction devices, special pillows, and prescriptive creams or pills. Or perhaps you are currently hunched over […] More

  • comfortrac cervical traction review

    ComforTrac Home Cervical Traction Device Review [Does It Work?]

    Cervical traction is one of many things that might help chase away the pain in your neck. 20-70 percent of adults suffering from back pain experience it as debilitating pain in the neck according to a study of data from 2002-2011. The number of people reporting troublesome neck pain has been growing. Our use of […] More

  • inversion chair

    Guide to Inversion Chairs [What, How, Why?]

    If you want a blizzard of unsolicited advice to weigh you down, just casually mention to acquaintances that you have back pain. Flaky miracle cures and “what you should really do”s will be pummeled at you like snowballs thrown by your middle-school frenemy whose crush just winked at you. Some of those back pain remedies might work. […] More

  • tens unit placement guide

    TENS Unit Electrode Placement Guide

    Transcutaneous Electric Stimulators provide a path towards pain relief for some individuals. TENS units can decrease reliance on NSAIDs or other pain medicines people use to quash muscular and joint discomfort. You may be thinking “Transcutaneous what?!” Put simply, TENS Units are relatively small, lightweight battery packs with attached electrodes that conduct gentle electric impulses through […] More

  • what is a TENS unit

    What is a TENS Unit? Does it Relieve Pain?

    Electricity is transformative. It has eased the way we refrigerate food, get our information, travel, light our nights, heat and cool our homes – the list goes on. There are countless ways electricity makes our lives more comfortable. In many instances, it even saves lives, literally, when it comes to medical devices like pacemakers and […] More

  • chirp wheel review featured

    Chirp Wheel Review [2021 Does it Work?]

    From hot tubs to inversion tables, medications to massage – there are many products out there that promise to relieve back and neck pain. You could spend thousands of dollars and a ton of time trying to find the right fix. One of the newer products on the market is called a “plexus wheel.” It came out […] More

  • what is a cervical pillow

    What is a Cervical Pillow? [Neck Pain Relief]

    Sleep is restorative. You wake feeling clear-headed, refreshed, free of the pains that plagued you when you hit the sack the night before, right? Hmmm…not if sleeping is literally a pain in your neck! For many people, cervical spine pain makes restorative sleep elusive. Maybe you wake in the middle of the night with exacerbated […] More

  • teeter ez up gravity boots review

    Teeter EZ-Up Gravity Boots Review

    Maybe you’ve been just kind of hanging in there with soul-sucking back pain. Or, it could be that you feel fine, but ache for a new perspective and want to flip all-things-fitness upside down.  The idea of “gravity boots” sets one’s imagination soaring. Whatever your inspiration, getting to the bottom (or the top) of whether […] More

  • lo bak trax review

    Lo-Bak Trax Review [Good for Low Back Pain?]

    If you’ve ever had back pain, it’s likely you understand how it can drain you both physically and mentally. Sitting, standing, lying down – nothing feels comfortable. Even simple tasks like driving to the grocery store become efforts, requiring you to draw on mind over matter. We live in a culture where we crave instant […] More

  • yoga poses for back pain

    7 Yoga Poses to Beat Back Pain

    Evolution has ensured that humans have more unique about our species than just having the ability to enjoy a good cup of coffee or appreciate a sunset. Being upright and having a large brain also means that we, as a species, are more prone to back pain than are most other creatures. Walking on two feet […] More

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