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  • inversion chair

    Guide to Inversion Chairs [What, How, Why?]

    If you want a blizzard of unsolicited advice to weigh you down, just casually mention to acquaintances that you have back pain. Flaky miracle cures and “what you should really do”s will be pummeled at you like snowballs thrown by your middle-school frenemy whose crush just winked at you. Some of those back pain remedies might work. […] More

  • tens unit placement guide

    TENS Unit Electrode Placement Guide

    Transcutaneous Electric Stimulators provide a path towards pain relief for some individuals. TENS units can decrease reliance on NSAIDs or other pain medicines people use to quash muscular and joint discomfort. You may be thinking “Transcutaneous what?!” Put simply, TENS Units are relatively small, lightweight battery packs with attached electrodes that conduct gentle electric impulses through […] More

  • what is a TENS unit

    What is a TENS Unit? Does it Relieve Pain?

    Electricity is transformative. It has eased the way we refrigerate food, get our information, travel, light our nights, heat and cool our homes – the list goes on. There are countless ways electricity makes our lives more comfortable. In many instances, it even saves lives, literally, when it comes to medical devices like pacemakers and […] More

  • chirp wheel review featured

    Chirp Wheel Review [2021 Does it Work?]

    Overall FindingsThe Chirp Wheel can be a highly effective fitness tool for fighting back pain – if you’re healthy enough to use it.The GoodVariety of sizes for different needsExtremely high quality constructionThe BadA bit expensive for the category8.6Overall RatingFind It HereAmazonFrom hot tubs to inversion tables, medications to massage – there are many products out […] More

  • what is a cervical pillow

    What is a Cervical Pillow? [Neck Pain Relief]

    Sleep is restorative. You wake feeling clear-headed, refreshed, free of the pains that plagued you when you hit the sack the night before, right? Hmmm…not if sleeping is literally a pain in your neck! For many people, cervical spine pain makes restorative sleep elusive. Maybe you wake in the middle of the night with exacerbated […] More

  • teeter ez up gravity boots review

    Teeter EZ-Up Gravity Boots Review

    Overall FindingsThe Teeter EZ Up Gravity Boots are great quality and a top option when it comes to inversion boots, but they should only be used by people with some level of fitness.The GoodQuality constructionComfortable designGreat 5-year warrantyThe BadCan be too extreme for some without core strength8Overall RatingFind It HereAmazonMaybe you’ve been just kind of […] More

  • lo bak trax review

    Lo-Bak Trax Review [Good for Low Back Pain?]

    Overall FindingsThe Lo-Bak Trax is an FDA registered medical device that could provide you some lower back relief at a very affordable price. It’s not proven to work for everyone though, so you should check with your doctor to see if you’re a good candidate.The GoodVery affordableSimple to useThe BadNo specific studies showing effectiveness of […] More

  • yoga poses for back pain

    7 Yoga Poses to Beat Back Pain

    Evolution has ensured that humans have more unique about our species than just having the ability to enjoy a good cup of coffee or appreciate a sunset. Being upright and having a large brain also means that we, as a species, are more prone to back pain than are most other creatures. Walking on two feet […] More

  • innova inversion table featured image

    Innova Inversion Table Reviews [2021]

    If you’re searching for inversion tables on Amazon, there’s no doubt you’ve come across the Innova line of products which have a ton of reviews. You’re probably now wondering if these inversion tables are really worth buying, or should you look elsewhere? I’m here to answer that question! Why Use an Innova Inversion Table? Up […] More

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