True Back Review [Does it Work?] 2021 Update

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Overall Findings
True Back is a reliable source of spinal traction that can relieve back and neck pain. The stable nature of it makes it a good choice for those that find something like a yoga wheel or inversion table too daunting.
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The Good
FDA registered Class 1 medical device
Simple to use even by those with coordination or balance problems
The Bad
Not much variety in the ways to use it for more fit individuals
May not be enough traction or decompression for some people
Overall Rating
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If you’re an adult, chances are you fall into one of three categories when it comes to waves of back pain.

Maybe you have tried numerous remedies for back-pain and are currently drowning in a sea of self-massage tools, traction devices, special pillows, and prescriptive creams or pills. Or perhaps you are currently hunched over your computer screen suffering through a new flare-up of back pain, trying to figure out which back pain remedy sales pitch hook to bite.

There is a third group: the scant percent of humans swimming smoothly along who might not have back pain and want to continue to avoid it. Whatever pool you’re in, you might be aching for a healthy back.

No matter what you’ve done in the past to deal with the fact that your spine takes a beating, it’s understandable that you have no desire to purchase yet another false promise disguised as a back pain fixer to add to a growing pile of get-well gadgets.

The cheery false hope provided by miracle devices and compounding price tags can leave you as weary as an endless back spasm. However, if you suffer from general muscular back pain, sciatica, or chronic tension in your neck or back (or if you don’t have any of those things and never want to experience them) there is a device called “True Back” that is worth a look.

In this True Back review, we’ll dive deeper into what it is, what it claims, and how it can help with your back pain.

TRUE BACK for Back Pain - Spinal Traction Device for Back Pain Relief. Massage, Spinal Decompression & Alignment
  • TRUE BACK is natural, drug free, convenient and affordable
  • TRUE BACK relieves the body of daily stress, tension and discomfort
  • Relieve back pain, Reduce stress, Sleep better
  • Adjust and improve your back, Improve your posture, increase your energy
  • Increase your range of motion & flexibility

What is True Back?

True Back is a portable spinal decompression device that stretches your back when you lie in a static position on it. If you have ever gone to a prop based yoga class, you might have been invited to rest in a position with a foam block or two under your spine like in this Clever Yoga video.

True Back works on the same principles. You line the device up along your cervical or lumbar spine and lay on it for a short duration. One difference is that yoga blocks are squares whereas True Back is curved and has a channel for your spine. For individuals, less stress directly on your spine might provide a more comfortable, worry-free fit.

True Back differs from yoga blocks in one other important way. Whether you choose the wooden model or the plastic one, True Back is textured, unlike a flat yoga block.

To quote the True Back company, it has “30 suspension points molded into the center rails.”

The suspension points look a bit like a tractor wheel. The nubs act like a trigger point massage tool along the length of the muscles on both sides of your spine. Stimulating the muscles in this way can enhance circulation, promote relaxation, and provide a good stretch and deep release.

The supported arched position creates space between your vertebrae to decompress your spine. Inversion systems like tables and chairs allow for a passive stretch that aims for spinal decompression as well. But, inversion tables and chairs are definitely more expensive than True Back. Inversion systems also require more space and setup than the portable True Back device. You can use True Back any place where you can lie on your back.

If you have been around the back-pain device block, you might also wonder how True Back differs from a Chirp Wheel or a textured foam roller that features a channel.

The main difference is that True Back is not round. It is flat on the side that makes contact with the floor. Therefore, it is stable. It kind of looks like a roller coaster hill – the curve is higher at one end.

Chirp Wheels and foam rollers are cylindrical, they are meant to move and roll on. As such, True Back might be a good choice if you have balance issues. To target different areas of your back while using True Back, you pick it up and move it then lie back again and hang out for several seconds or minutes.

You can also flip it around to rearrange where the higher part of the curvature hits. Since it is stable, it is fairly easy to place a pillow under your head if needed for extra support, while using True Back.

Does the True Back Work?

One thing that makes True Back intriguing is that the claims the True Back people make about their device are modest compared to the cure-all claims the sellers of some other small decompression devices on the market that tend to make.

Users will find they can easily address basic muscular and soft tissue issues (which tend to be a very common source of back pain), sciatic pain, and get a good stretch on the contraption that can go quite a ways when it comes to preventing new back problems from occurring.

But, the True Back people seem to understand that the device is probably best used as part of a comprehensive back care program that might include other treatments and exercise protocols. Indeed, if you order it, there is a cream that is sold to go along with True Back that might enhance pain relief.

It should be noted, that like with many small devices out there that can be used to mitigate back problems, users do need to be able to get up and down off of the ground to use True Back. It is also advisable to be sure you can move around a bit once down there, because there are several “positions” you can use to reap the most out of True Back. You can hold each position for a few seconds or as long as ten minutes.

  • Position 1 involves lying down with the high part of the curve towards your head.
  • Position 2 places the high curve toward your spine while you lie back on the tracks.
  • Position 3 involves trying to extend your arms out wide while lying in position one or two.
  • Position 4 brings your arms overhead so you are stretched head to toe with your spine in a supported arch.
  • Position 5 involves bending your legs while your back is arched and doing a bridge in either position one or two.
  • Position 6 involves doing a hamstring stretch by pulling your knee to your chest while on the True Back.

Are there Drawbacks to True Back?

At first glance, the back lying positions appear to be straight forward and easily executed. But, keep in mind that while using the True Back, your spine is in a supported backbend position with your head lower than your chest. This position might not feel good on everyone’s neck. It might make some people dizzy. It might feel like an extreme range of motion for some individuals that takes adjustment time.

This segues to the final consideration. If you have back pain, before buying anything, get a diagnosis by a medical professional to make sure the product you are looking at is suitable for your particular medical profile.

The spinal stretch and release you can potentially get by using True Back is rendered by both the trigger point nubs coupled with the static stretch it provides.

There is no assembly required and only weighs 3 pounds. It can be used by anyone from 5 feet tall to around 6’6. If you don’t fall in that height range or have a particularly short waist, it might not be for you. True Back has been around for nearly three decades and is registered by the FDA as a Class 1 Medical Device.

The spine is both hearty enough to keep you up and running, but delicate enough to deserve the respect of careful consideration when it comes to short term and long term care.

True Back seems to get the importance of spinal health. It is quite possible that the people behind it might “have your back.” If it doesn’t work out your kinks, they offer a 90 day money-back guarantee. And if it does address your woes, it has a lifetime manufacturer warranty. This means, True Back can be your go-to when you need it for years to come.

TRUE BACK for Back Pain - Spinal Traction Device for Back Pain Relief. Massage, Spinal Decompression & Alignment
  • TRUE BACK is natural, drug free, convenient and affordable
  • TRUE BACK relieves the body of daily stress, tension and discomfort
  • Relieve back pain, Reduce stress, Sleep better
  • Adjust and improve your back, Improve your posture, increase your energy
  • Increase your range of motion & flexibility

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